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I have had many requests for sheet music for various fiddle tunes. The transcription will include accurate notation & chords arranged in a professional PDF and will be emailed to you within 48 hours. If the particular tune you are requesting is available for sale from the original composer, I will direct you to their website for purchase. My transcription rate is $20 per tune. I have transcribed all the music for my albums and have arranged them into two books. I have also assisted in the transcribing of Randy Foster’s latest book “No More Alarms” in addition to writing the tune book for Peter Dawson and Leo Ready.


You can now buy individual sheet music from any of my recordings in addition to my latest composition “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Waltz”. Cost is $2.50 per tune. Contact me directly to order your copy. Please refrain from making copies, this is how we as musicians make our living. Thank you for your understanding.

Sherryl Fitzpatrick
Eagles Wings CD – $10

Bb Sisters
“In Cahoots” CD $10

Bb Sisters
“Versatility” CD $10
Nominated for ECMA – Roots Traditional Group of the Year!

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Sherryl Fitzpatrick
Eagles Wings Song Book – $10
26 Canadian Fiddle Tunes with harmony, chords and bowing
Includes 12 new originals!


Sherryl Fitzpatrick
Original Tune Book – Volume 1 – $10
1. Cameron’s Reel (P. Dawson) used with permission
2. Denis Richard Jig (S. Fitzpatrick)
3. Eagles Wings – with Harmony (S. Fitzpatrick)
4. Eva’s Fancy (S. Fitzpatrick)
5. Farewell to Freezy Buns (S. Fitzpatrick/Beth Ogden)
6. Gigue Guy Paul – with Harmony (S. Fitzpatrick)
7. Kimberley’s House Party (S. Fitzpatrick)
8. Kishbaugh’s (S. Fitzpatrick)
9. Le Reel Yvon (S. Fitzpatrick)
10. Lost on Pie IX (S. Fitzpatrick)
11. Manon – with Harmony (S. Fitzpatrick)
12. Marriage Breakdown (S. Fitzpatrick/Kelli Trottier)
13. One for Shawn (S. Fitzpatrick)
14. Patti’s Jig (S. Fitzpatrick)
15. Planxty Herman Munster (S. Fitzpatrick)
16. Sherryl’s Polka (D. Richard) used with permission
17. Sherryl, April, Patti (S. Fitzpatrick, A. Verch, P. Lamoureux)
18. To the Fiddleheads (S. Fitzpatrick)
19. Tune for Cameron (S. Fitzpatrick)
20. Urs Bollinger Waltz (S. Fitzpatrick/Urs Bollinger)
21. White Orchid Waltz – with Harmony (S. Fitzpatrick/Denis Richard)
22. Wilf’s Journey Home – with Harmony (S. Fitzpatrick)


Sherryl Fitzpatrick
Journeys (2004) – $10
1. Eva’s Fancy (S. Fitzpatrick) – Listen!
2. Sherryl’s Polka (D. Richard) – Listen!
3. Reel de Gilles Roy / Reel de Granby (Y. Cuillerier)
4. Wilf’s Journey Home (S. Fitzpatrick) – Listen!
5. Far From Home / Lost on Pie IX (Trad / S. Fitzpatrick) –Listen!
6. Sherryl Fitzpatrick’s Jig (C. Vollrath)
7. Tears (J. Holland)
8. Kishbaugh’s (S. Fitzpatrick) – Listen!
9. Planxty Herman Munster / One for Shawn (S. Fitzpatrick)
10. White Orchid Waltz (S. Fitzpatrick, D. Richard) – Listen!
11. Buck Fever Rag (R. Hill)
12. Spruce Woods Jig / Denis Richard’s Jig (C. Plohman, S. Fitzpatrick)
13. Sherryl, April, Patti (S. Fitzpatrick, A. Verch, P. Lamoureux)
14. To the Fiddleheads (S. Fitzpatrick) – Listen!
15. Kimberley’s House Party (S. Fitzpatrick)
16. In Memory of Herbie MacLeod (J. Holland)
17. Marriage Breakdown (S. Fitzpatrick, K. Trottier) – Listen!


Sherry Fitzpatrick
School of Traditional Fiddling
black t-shirt – $10